New to CrossFit?

Are you new to CrossFit? You may be a little unsure about starting or taking that first step in. Are CrossFit RedZone we are dedicated to making your first CrossFit experience the best it can possibly be. We have created our very own "On-Ramp and Fundamentals" program designed specifically for you! Our 1 month intro program starts you off with 4 One-on-One sessions with one of our highly trained coaches. This is our time time to get to know you, all your goals, and how to get you started in our program the best way possible. It is also your opportunity to learn more about CrossFit RedZone and the fundamentals of CrossFit. After your 4 One-on-One sessions, you will have UNLIMITED access to our CrossFit classes for the remainder of your 4 week program. This gives you the chance to try any and all of our class times and meet our amazing RedZone family. Join us now and sign up below!

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