Ken Toal

Ken Toal


Back Squat: 250kg/551lb

Front Squat:215kg/473lb



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt


BS Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College

Crossfit Level 1

USA Weightlifting Level 3

About Coach

I ran track in college and it was there I was first introduced to the weight room and cleaning. Wanting to get better at them I looked up a bunch of videos on youtube of the Olympic lifts and I was hooked from that day on. After running all 4 years and dabbling in the lifts throughout those years upon graduation I started competing in weightlifting. I was looking for a weightlifting club and found RedZone! I originally started coaching twice a week to pay for a membership and then over the course of the next year my role grew and now I am a full-time manager of the gym! Along the way, I’ve competed at Nationals a bunch of times even finishing top 5 in the rankings a couple of times, and was an alternate for our regional team at one point! I finished third overall in the Open workout 21.4 which is one of my favorite moments!

Turning Point

Self-worth and internal struggle are something we all deal with. That’s why when I coach someone I always remind them that they’re here at RedZone to work on themselves and that should be encouraged. Whether you succeed or fail you will always learn something about yourself and that’s the greatest lesson. I have failed many times and that’s why I encourage people to take chances on themselves cause I was afraid to at certain points in my life. I

Motivation & Passion

For as much as I’ve achieved as an athlete I wholeheartedly believe I am an even better coach. As a coach it’s not about you but what you can do for the athlete/client. I have a lot of experience as an athlete and I take all that experience into my teaching. Knowing that I can help someone achieve their goals is what drives me. Whether it’s getting stronger, losing weight, or wanting to feel better about themselves their goals become my own as well.

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