Stephanie Krieg

Stephanie Krieg


Clean: 145

Deadlift: 215

Originator of "New Tunes Tuesday,"

Double Under Record: 154

Creator of the cutest human alive.


CrossFit L1

Prenatal/Postpartum Certification MamasteFit

B.S. Health Education and Promotion from Western Connecticut State University

M.S. Health Communication from Boston University

WITS Personal Trainer Certification

CPR/AED Certified Red Cross

Certified Health Education Specialist NCHEC

About Coach

I am a 16-year fitness professional who is on a mission to ensure that moving your body isn't correlated with the weight on the scale but the weight on your barbell. My coaching focuses on fundamentals and identifying what your body CAN do. We are all different, and those unique parts about each class participant are what make them who they are. My job is to get to know you, identify your passions and abilities, and help you make the most out of them each time you step into the gym. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader, stop by the 5:30 am class.

Turning Point

Growing up, I was criticized for my weight by the people around me and myself. I had an eating disorder and an unhealthy obsession with exercise and dieting. I found CrossFit at my most unhealthy - severely underweight, malnourished, and unhappy with how my life was going. I can still clearly remember my first class, where I could barely bench the empty women's bar. I watched as these amazing, strong athletes lifted heavy things, did gymnastic movements with ease, and were proud of what they accomplished. I knew that I wanted to feel that way about myself. I credit that class every day for saving my life. I became dedicated to building my body instead of breaking it down. Now, 12 years later, I aim to do that for others too.

Motivation & Passion

See the about me section. I feel like I answered this there!

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